bullet  Which HTML Editing Program do you use?

bullet What Program do you use to make Graphics with?

bullet How do you make images "Float" on the pages?

bullet How do you make a Colored Scroll Bar?

bullet How do you make Music work on pages?

bullet How do you make Mouse Trail Effects?

bullet How do you make Layered Backgrounds?

bullet What if I have AOL?

bullet Do you have any advice about creating web pages?

bullet Are there any other sites using your artwork?

bullet Where do you find ... ?

Which HTML Editing Program do you use?

I manually hand-write all my own HTML coding.  I then save the file in good ol' reliable "Notepad" as a HTML file and upload it into my ftp space from there.  The site I learned from is HTML Goodies.

Another EXCELLENT site to learn HTML coding is at HTML Code Tutorial.  This site provides a very helpful and complete guide to creating web pages.

I don't really know anything about any of the HTML editors other than one of the more popular programs being "Microsoft Front Page."

What Program do you use to make Graphics with?

I use Paint Shop Pro V.5 and occasionally use Adobe Photo Shop.  I also use GIF Animator as a tool in creating animated gif's.

How do you make images "Float" on the pages?

There are actually two different java scripts for this.  The floating objects that float throughout the entire page can be found at: "Dynamic Drive."

The floating objects that drift down the top of the page can be found at: "Lisa Explains It All."

How do you make a Colored Scroll Bar?

The colored scroll bar will only function in IE5.5 or later versions.  The colors will have no effect in any other browser.  The code can be found at: "Site Experts."

How do you make Music work on pages?

This is the code I use on my pages that will function in both IE and Netscape.  (The areas in black will need to be changed to the filename you will be using.)

<BGSOUND SRC="file name of midi" HIDDEN="true" LOOP="infinite" AUTOSTART="true">

<EMBED SRC="file name of midi" AUTOSTART="true" HIDDEN="true" LOOP="true">

How do you make Mouse Trail Effects?

The script for many different effects can be found at: "Dynamic Drive."

How do you make Layered Backgrounds?

You are permitted to "copy and paste" the HTML codes from any of the pages in the Gallery section of this site into your own HTML files.

If you're not sure how to do this, follow these easy steps:

1.  Click on "View" on the task bar at the top of your screen.

2.  On the Drop Down Menu, click on "Source" in IE or "Page Source" in Netscape.

You will now see the entire HTML coding for that page in a new screen.  You may "copy" (Ctrl + C) directly from that screen and "paste" (Ctrl + P) it into your own HTML file.

CAUTION!!!  Only copy the codes you need that are BELOW the </HEAD> tags toward the top of the page.

Be sure to copy the "Ending Codes" at the bottom of the page that appear directly BEFORE the </BODY> and </HTML> tags.  If you do not end your Table Tags, they will NOT work properly (if at all) in Netscape.

What if I have AOL?

The AOL Web Browser is a "version" of MSIE.  It has been "modified" in different ways, in which one is that it "compresses" graphics to an .ART format so that they will load marginally faster.  This compression happens automatically when you right-click to save graphics.  Even if the graphics are saved in the .GIF or .JPG extensions, they will remain in the .ART format.

Most people that have AOL don't even know about it because when they put them on their pages, they are using their own AOL Browser which sees them correctly.  However, many of the graphics will show up as distorted on other Browsers.

It is important to turn off the compression of graphics so that the images will be in the correct format for ALL internet viewers. This can be done by following these simple steps:


Do you have any advice about building web pages?

There is one thing I would like to point out.  Many designers and webmasters often seem to forget that there are different browsers that people view web pages from.  Many people who visit your pages may be seeing something entirely different than what your are seeing.

One valuable trick I have learned is that if want your pages to be *user-friendly* for both Internet Explorer and Netscape, test the page in Netscape.  If pages are not coded correctly, they will not function properly (if at all) in Netscape and corrections can then be made.  If a page looks good in Netscape, it will almost always look good in IE also.  This is not true the other way around, so it is important they be coded and tested correctly.

Are there any other sites using your artwork?

You will find different sites by clicking on the page for "Links."

I might add they are all very talented people who offer their web sets, stationery, and screensavers for *free* as long as you provide a link back to their sites.  You will also find MANY other beautiful graphics that have been created in their sites.

Where do you find ... ?

These are just a few of the many sites I have used that are not listed above:

For some nice Midi's:

Original Musical Compositions by Geoff

Original Midi Compositions by Bruce DeBoer

LLERRAH Music  (Margi Harrell)

Night Angel

Additonal Resources for Java Script and Applets:

The Java Script Source

Java Boutique


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