These prints are NOT limited in the quantity that can be sold and are NOT signed. They are available in various sizes and two different formats:

   1. Artist quality CANVAS that can be mounted using the same methods as with original oil paintings.

   2. Heavy-weight archival quality FINE ART PAPER that can be MATTED and displayed in a frame behind GLASS.

You may click on any of the FOLLOWING CATEGORIES to view the images you are most interested in:

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Still Life
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Floral and Garden
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Angels and Spiritual
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Cute Animals
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Babies and Children
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Due to the ENORMOUS amount of abuse and theft in the internet, it saddens me to announce that I am no longer able to offer my paintings in the ART GALLERY section of my site for free usage of the creation of web graphics.  However, any images in the LINKWARE SECTION or the CD’s that have been purchased may continued to be used. If anyone has any Web Sets, Tags, Stationery, or other graphics already created from the ART GALLERY, you are still welcome to continue your use of them. I am NOT asking anyone to delete or remove them or discontinue their use of them.

If you are interested in purchasing affordable web sets created from those paintings, I am pleased to announce that  "Moon and Back Graphics"  has EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to ALL artwork that is included in this section of my site.  They are beautiful, professional quality sets and are one of a kind.  You will surely be very pleased with them so be sure to check the site out by clicking HERE.

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