ALL proceeds from this CD will be used to benefit the Redeemer Lutheran School of Denver, Colorado.  The school presently is having financial problems, like so many other places in today's economy, and this is my family's and my way of lending them a hand.  It has been an EXCELLENT Christian school for over sixty years, and the thought of their having to close their doors is devastating.  Anything we can do to help, we want to do, and of course, the more CD's that are sold, the more aid for the school.

This CD consists of Angels and other Christian artwork.  It contains:

- 86 LARGE-SIZED PICTURES of which 44 have NEVER been used in the internet and 254 smaller matching images.  They are all high-resolution bmp images on white backgrounds that are excellent quality for printing and may be used to create your own greeting cards, used for scrapbooking, newsletters, church bulletins, posters, etc.  (See samples of some of the pictures below)

- 94 IMAGES that may be used as WINDOWS DESKTOP WALLPAPER for your computer.  They are each sized at 800 x 600 and may also be used to create your own Websets or Email stationery for internet use.

- 50 TABLED WEBSETS created at low resolution for use in the internet.  Each set includes matching backgrounds, icons, buttons, guestbooks, etc. and HTML files so you may view them in your browser.  They are all new sets and have never been included in my site or used in the internet before.

If you need to refer to the HTML codes for help in creating layered backgrounds, I have tried to make it a little easier by simplifying and adding notes of what you need to "copy and paste" into your own pages to make them work properly.

ALL the pictures in this CD have been created from my own artwork and may be purchased for the low price of $35.00 plus shipping and handling. (Please see the  Payment Page for Shipping Charges). Your purchase will be GREATLY appreciated by many children, teachers, parents, and others.

(You may see the * SPECIAL DEALS * that are offered for all the CD's on the Payment Page).

Because this CD contains all my own original artwork and has taken a tremendous amount of time to create, please read and respect my Terms Of Use  before purchase.  If you are in agreement with them, then please go on to the Forms Of Payment.  Thank you so very much for your help and your aid.  I am sure you will be very pleased with the CD.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a "special" thanks to those who are unable to use CD's but have still extended much generosity from offers of donations to the school or have tried to help with the sales of the CD on your websites.  Your kindness is "truly" appreciated more than I could ever tell you.  Many, many heart-felt thanks to each and every one of you!

Please feel free to email me for any assistance you many need or further clarification.  Once again, thank you.




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